[Intro] Certified DevSecOps Leader - CDL


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The DevSecOps Leader course helps leaders and managers in influencing DevSecOps transformation practices in the enterprise.

In this course, you will be able to:

1. Understand the basics of DevSecOps from the business perspective
2. Assess the DevSecOps Maturity of the organization (PDSOMM)
3. Design the DevSecOps Strategy for an organization (Wardley mapping and Cynefin)
4. Influence organizational’s culture for shift left approach
5. Gain confidence in steering the organization in the right direction
6. Increase the productivity of your team by prioritizing the GRC efforts

This DevSecOps Certification Course is practical in nature with 15+ case studies, hands-on exercises, and demos in our state of the art online labs.

After the training, you can attempt:

1. Earn the Certified DevSecOps Leader certification by passing a 12-hour practical exam.
2. Prove to employers and peers, the strategic understanding of DevSecOps transformation.


  1. The DevSecOps Leader Course has no specific prerequisites.

Exam Pass percentage

The student needs to achieve at least 70 points (70%) to achieve the CDL certification.