[Intro] Certified DevSecOps Expert - CDE


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The most comprehensive DevSecOps certification in the world, become a Certified DevSecOps Expert by learning to write custom roles for OS hardening, infrastructure as code, compliance as code and perform vulnerability management at scale, with hands-on advanced training in our state of the art labs.

  • Earn the certification by passing the 24-hour practical exam.
  • Certification proves to employers and others the practical understanding of the advanced concepts like custom rule sets.
  • The lab contains all the major components of the DevOps pipeline.
  • A CDE is able to write custom rulesets and reduce false-positive fatigue using automation.


  1. Course participants should have Certified DevSecOps Professional (CDP) certification.
  2. Course participants should have a basic understanding of Application Security Practices like SAST, DAST, etc.,

Exam Pass percentage

The student needs to achieve at least 75 points (75%) to achieve the CDE certification.