6S Technical Services


6S technology center of Anyou group began in 2001. It has been known as "AnYou technology center". It was renamed "3S technology center" in 2011. It was officially renamed as "6S technology center" in 2014 and has been used till now. The "6S" is the abbreviation of 6 English words, success, solution, sincerity, service, satisfaction and system. It is also the perfect interpretation of "quality, technology and service -- always strive for the first!" Anyou group 6S keeps the spirit of "successful plan, enthusiastic service, satisfied system and solve your every problem!" 6S is the escort of the safe, efficient and environmental protection pig. 6S technology center of the group headquarters as a counseling and docking department for all the 6S technical personnel of the subsidiary. It is composed of four departments: cloud, detection, service and training. The 6S service department and project of the subsidiary all refer to the headquarter setting. At present, there are more than 300 full-time 6S technical service personnel, working all over the country, and serving for thousands of customers.
We promise you and your pigs:
When you trust us and entrust the technology to us,
We will record each and every one of your needs,
Pigs won’t talk,
But we're going to keep their healthy,
Happy mood, growing up day by day,
To fulfill her wonderful life of selfless devotion to humanity!

Service Item

I、High quality nutrition formula—whole period tracking of the nutrition in the pig farms, develop Accurate, Available and Ahead 3A nutrition formula and feeding plan for pigs at different stages to ensure that pigs grow healthily.

  • Piglet feeding: Including the color card teaching slot method, wet and dry two-slot method, nurse room and so on.
  • Nursing feeding: The 3099 Top of the Word Plan/5520 Plan
  • Fattening feeding: 333 Plan, 3+3 Plan
  • Highest grade Plan
  • Phased Precision feeding Plan for High-yielding sows
  • Customized formula design service to provide professional formula customization service for your pig farm

II、Scientific breeding Program--Technical guidance for different stages of pig breeding to improve the production performance of your pig farm.

  • Introduction and domestication scheme.
  • Technical guidance of artificial insemination with deep insemination.
  • Pregnancy Test and Analysis guidance of B-Ultrasound in the ultra-early stage.
  • Multi-angle body condition score and backfat determination.
  • Piglets and finishing pigs purchase and sale service

III、Fine management scheme-- Scientific management of pig farm, Intelligent Cloud System on pig raising, Escort to pig performance improvement.

  • All-in &All-out and Batch Production Guidance.
  • Establishment of Biosafety Prevention and Control Scheme in Pig Farm.
  • Six major solutions to mycotoxins.
  • Ten guarantee items of Science and Technology Farm.
  • Beautiful Pig Farm challenge The PSY30 High Productivity Plan

IV、Health Monitoring Program--Regular health monitoring,providing professional inspecting laboratory services, so that you can understand the health of your pig farm in all-around.

  • Six solutions to pig farm diseases: pig farm immunization and health care program establishment, evaluation of pig farm immunization effectiveness and health assessment, pig farm disease monitoring, disease early warning mechanism, disease purification program; other special inspection services: umbilical cord blood, saliva samples and milk antibodies.
  • External detection reports interpretation.
  • Guide to the construction of disease surveillance laboratories.

V、Environmental Monitoring Program--focus on environmental monitoring to make pigs to grow happily in the most appropriate environment

  • Pig farm environment monitoring and automatic control system: automatic control of temperature, air quality and feeding; the density assessment of feeding, water quality assessment, content assessment of H2S, NH3, CO2 in the air, temperature and humidity assessment.
  • Pig farm site selection and planning, the design of environmental protection pig house.
  • Old pig farm rebuilt plan.
  • Manure disposal, Organic Fertilizer Project, Insect Raising Project.
  • Ecological Agriculture, Healthy Pork.

VI、Ecological Agriculture, Healthy Pork.

  • Practical training of pig farm: the guidance training of “sampling” and “anatomy”, “B ultrasonic operation”, and “6S toolbox usage method”.
  • Anyou University Training: Elite Class of Talent, field president, and President.
  • 6S charging conference.