R & D Direction and Achievements

Anyou takes “Utilizing Limited Resources Efficiency & Creating the Best Pig Production Technology in China” as a goal. Strive to be the Promoters of Efficient Pig Production, the Creator of Low Carbon Pig Production, and the Designer of Pig Production Cloud technology. Under the strategic direction of the development of the industrial chain of the company, we will further strengthen R & D in the areas of safe food, smart agriculture, and new resource exploration.

Our institute independently conducts almost 100 R & D projects each year and undertakes a total of 8 national and provincial projects over the years. The research and development directions include the developments of followings:

Piglets Potential Boost Feed;

PSY30 Sow Feed;

Environmental Protection and Brand Meat;

Antibiotic-Free Feed;

Biological feed;

The Development and Utilization of Feed Resources;

Functional Additives;

Establishment of a Comprehensive Prevention and Control System for Mycotoxins;

Recycling of Waste Resources Utilization;

Functional Organic Fertilizer Preparation Technology;

The Establishment of a Carbon Emission Model;

Intelligent Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Systems;

The Aquatic Feedstuffs.

And so on.

Under the joint efforts of institute researchers, as of November 2017, the Anyou company obtained a total of 63 patents, including 21 invention patents, 32 Utility Model Patents and10 Appearance Design Patents. We also have published over 70 academic papers in various domestic and foreign journals.

Feed product development
Feed resource development
Recycling of waste resources utilization
Carbon emission model established
Intelligent farming system development
Functional additive development