Anyou Group

       Anyou Biotechnology Group Co., Ltd. is a high-tech agriculture and animal husbandry Group enterprise which integrates scientific research, production, sales and service in one. Our mission is “Contribute to Prosperous China and Low Carbon Emission Earth with Anyou Technology”. And our principle of business conduct is “Social First, Customers and Employee Oriented”. We nonstop commit in China's pig breeding, low-carbon agriculture and animal husbandry as the pioneer of Young Animal Feed& Environmental Protection Feed of China, ranked among the national top 30 feed enterprises.

       For the past many years, in order to take part in responding to the serious environmental crisis such as global extreme weather and air pollution in China, Anyou’s development has always taken the sustainable development of the social environment in the account. Adhere to the implementation of both low-carbon emission social responsibility and company profits, thus building a "value-added eco-pig industry chain". As a result, Anyou research institute has been committing to develop new feed ingredients that will be reused as a by-product that would otherwise be treated as trash. By that, it’s not only "turning waste into treasure", but also saving a lot of land resources and raw materials imports. Anyou proposes three phases of environmental protection: Developing the environmental friendly feed to decrease significantly the quantity of pollutant, carbon emissions and heavy metal emissions while farming the pigs; Promoting zero-emission pig farming and transformed pig manure, which is traditionally viewed as pollutant, into green gold ; Successfully solved the environmental problems of pig manure handling.

       Talent is the most precious resource for Anyou. We create a safe, comfortable, humane working conditions, and provide a platform for demonstrating ability and growth with the company at the same time. We also care about the physical and mental health of employees, the equal development of female employees. Moreover, Anyou is concerned about the sustainable development of the economics of township and cultural environment. And to social responsibilities, sponsored donations, poverty alleviation, education and public health activities.

       Looking to the future, Anyou will stand on a new historical starting point with love and gratitude; let’s work together to realize the vision of "The Global Leading Brand of Young Animal Feeds and Low Carbon Animal Industry" and make unremitting efforts!