Cultural Concepts

Core Concepts


Contribute to Prosperous China and Low Carbon Emission Earth with Anyou Technology


Relying on the science and the technology advantage of “Anyou”, an R & D-based company, we turn Science to Features of Anyou Company by producing a lot of research results every year.
We adhere to innovations and the developments of China's top pig technology when breeding pigs in the efficient, environmental and healthy way. At the same time, Anyou also persists in making the greatest contribution to healthy food, safe feed, prosperous China, Sustainable development to Earth.


Being the Global Leading Brand of Young Animal Feedstuff and Low Carbon Animal Industry.


Based on the global vision, and depend on the advantages of animal husbandry of Anyou, technology integration farming industry chain, will always ahead, and guide the future.

Core Value

Love and Gratitude


To Love: Parents, Ourselves, Pigs, Career, Customers, “Anyou”, People, China and the World.
Because of love, we are happier, more satisfied and more grateful.
To thank for: God, Supervisors, Family, Teachers, and Customers who we rely on and grow together.

Enterprise spirit/Business Goal

Innovation, Integrity, the Pursuit of Excellence


Continue to break the routine, to create new things, new results, and new achievements. Treat others honest, pragmatic, credibility.
The pursuit of excellence, beyond the general, is the embodiment of "always ahead" concept of “Anyou”.

Core Competence

Integrate Animal Industry Resources with Anyou's Technology


With Anyou technology, formulation innovation, profit model farms, feed integration of environmental protection, farmers, organic fertilizer, brand meat, and pollution-free agriculture to create a mutually beneficial partnership, optimize the environment, increase efficiency and contribute to an ideal society.

Concept of Management

Business purposes

Quality, Technology, Service---- Always Strive to Be the Best


Quality brings brand
Success comes from technology
Service creates value

The Principle of Business Conduct

Social First, Customer and Employee Oriented.


Social first:
It means we take social responsibility which bases the concept of environmental protection, health, and efficiency of the development of enterprises.
Customers Oriented:
It means we take Customer success as our responsibility, to create maximum value for customers
Employee Oriented:
It means we create a space to provide staff growth.

Principles of Staff Conduct

Advocate moral and law; performance first

The concept of Learning

Look forward future with eager learning.


“Anyou” is a type of learning enterprise. To develop in the future, we should:
“Learn by doing; Learn to apply, and Persevere”.

Conceptions of human resource

Talent is the most precious resource for “Anyou”.


We set up the stage: to attract urgent need talents.
We take precautions: to reserve future talents.
Human-oriented: to keep key talents.
Someone with moral and ability: to break the rule and put him/her in an important position;
Someone with moral but without ability: to hire after training.
Someone with ability but without moral: to hire after filtering.
Someone without moral nor ability: never hire.
The right is the best!