Chairman Message
A giant century change, will you keep up?
        Do you know what “President Xi” had said in the 19th national congress of CPC? Have you read the Central No.1 document of this year?

        If the answer is NO, you should worry about being eliminated in the drastic change future! After reading this article, I hope there is still a chance and time to change.

        Ten years of technological change in the world today, equivalent to the change in agriculture's millennium, and a hundred years of progress in the industrial age

        China, which has weakened in two or three centuries, is going to one-stop position to take the lead in the world.

        You and I have the pleasure to live in this era, more fortunate to be born in China. Are you going to be eliminated or contribute to this development?

        I believe you and I will choose the latter; want to make a contribution; we must follow the development context and self-positioning.

        President Xi made a blueprint for China's development in the the19th national congress of CPC Last year. In 2020, we must establish comprehensively a moderately prosperous society and lift 60 million people out of poverty; in 2025 China will turn to a strong country on manufacturing from a major manufacturing country; in 2035 will achieve a modern socialist country. By 2049 build a prosperous civilization, harmonious and beautiful socialism moderately dominant country.

        Each goal was proposed with a workable plan, and expected to be realized by all citizens.

        There are four directions for agriculture:

        1. Green Development: The eco-friendly feedstuffs, green pigsty and pig manure as green gold that Anyou has promoted over the years are just helping to boost green development.

        2. Rural Revitalization Strategy: The intelligent agriculture, innovative feedstuffs, and technology farms developed by Anyou are all essential tools to revitalize the countryside.

        3. Quality First: Quality management, National Technology Center& CNAS quality certification of Anyou are on the right track.

        4. Healthy China Strategy: Anyou promote “antibiotic-free pork”, “antibiotic-free feedstuffs”, “traceability systems” are also contributing to the health of China.

        It’s certain to increase the motivation of the dream as being prosperous civilization, harmonious and beautiful dominant country by playing well the vision and mission of Anyou.

        In addition, this year's Central document NO.1, the title is just exactly “On the implementation of rural revitalization strategy Views”. The paper proposes that agriculture should be a promising industry and that peasants should become attractive professions. Make the countryside a beautiful home to live and work. Let me change the expression. To make agriculture be a promising & happy industry; to change peasant to be an attractive science and technology career; to make the countryside a beautiful home with low carbon and environmental protection.

        This is exactly what Anyou put forward the new three-agriculture practices:

        Technology new farmers, Beautiful new countryside, Happy new agriculture.

        2018 is a crucial year for the country, the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening, the first year after the 19th National Congress, the middle age for the 13th Five-Year Plan. For Anyou, it’s also a turning point year of Anyou Technology 4.0+ strategy.2016 Start-up Strategy, 2017 Focus Strategy, 2018 is the year of implementation of all the accumulation of knowledge we have made. Creating Value, Increasing Value, Delivering Value, and Realizing Value in the Strategic contents are fully matched to President Xi's Great Revitalization of China's Dream. Our Mission-Contribute to Prosperous China and Low Global Carbon Emission with Anyou Technology must be able to help China realizing the dream. So look forward to 2018, Anyou family, we determine to do the following work together.

        1. Improve working ability by using Anyou tech 4.0+.

        2. Pass Anyou value, with “Iron Quadrangle – train” program.

        3. To Dedicate to customer success, the embodying of Anyou value.

        4. To Love: parents, ourselves, pigs, work, Anyou, China, the world

        5. To Grate & Thank for: God, Supervisors, Family, Teachers, and Customers.

        6. To Practice Anyou’s declaration of cherishing Earth and Pigs.

        7. To Contribute to the rural revitalization strategy.

        8. To Learn the spirit of the 19 National Congress and Devote all efforts to the blueprint for China.

        Anyou Family, pull our sleeves up and work happily for our missions in 2018!